Our Founder

Who is our founder?

Al-Tarbiyah Al-Namouthajiyah School (1378 AH – 1958 AD) was founded by its founder, Sheikh Muhammad Bin Ibrahim Al-Khudair – may Allah protect him. He was known to be very passionate about education during his scientific and professional career. He joined Aramco Company in 1369 AH as a worker in Railways after he completed his education in “Kateeb” in Qassim Region. He learned English very well. During his work in Aramco, he observed that his colleagues in work began to master English language though they do not read and write in Arabic.

In 1374 AH, he moved to work on the Al-Kharj Agricultural Project, which was supervised by Aramco. He asked the company to establish schools for farm workers children. The company agreed to establish two schools which were run and supervised by Sheikh Muhammad Al-Khudair in addition to his work.

After a full career in government work, he placed the first foundation stone for opening the first branch of Al-Tarbiyah Al-Namouthajiyah School. It was located in Malaz District in Riyadh City, to be the first school in Riyadh for girls’ education. It was two years before establishment of General Presidency for Girls’ Education.

Now we are looking at schools with pride and appreciation. The number of its students exceeded 150000 students, and reached the highest levels of educational quality. This resulted in exceeding the number of graduates to 20000 since the school was founded. They hold the highest positions in public and private sectors, and they study in the most brilliant colleges and universities.