Al-Tarbiyah Al-Namouthajiyah International Schools

About Us

As our name indicates, which literally means International Model Education Schools, we are an educational institution that focuses on “education” within a model framework that meets the highest “international” standards. Together, these points give us excellence in our field and inspire us to achieve the best for our students with all their respective educational needs. We also accord great attention to extracurricular activities because we believe that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body and that acquiring various skills contributes significantly to improving academic achievement for all. In short, we are an integrated school that provides education, sports, classroom, and life skills to young generations, who will be tomorrow’s physicians, engineers, politicians, officers, and so on, and will shape the bright future of our country.

Allocation of classes in the International Education:

First: Kindergarten, primary and middle stages (kg-grade 8):

The student studies 7-9 daily periods, including all basic subjects such as mathematics, science, social studies, computer, English Literature, English Language, French, art, and PE, each of which is taught in English, in addition to the scheduled subjects from the Ministry of Education which are Arabic, Islamic education and National social studies.

Second: The American High School Diploma (Grade 9-12)

Seven lessons per day are offered on the school day, covering all specialized subjects such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer, World History, English Literature, English Language, Public Health, French Language, Environmental Sciences, and optional subjects such as Business Administration, Psychology, and others in addition to the compulsory subjects from the ministry of Education such as Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Social Studies. At the end of the third year of secondary school, the student obtains an American diploma certificate accredited by Cognia (AdvancED).

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Kindergarten Primary Secondary High School
22,000 24,000 26,500 28,500

A discount of SR 1,500 for the first batch of registered students at TNIS-Al-Aredh for its first academic year 2023-2024. Discount continues exclusively for the beneficiaries throughout their academic life at this new branch.

Subject to terms and conditions.

The above tuition fees include the ongoing summer lessons program intended to compensate for educational shortfall in all subjects for all grades. Tuition fees also include services related to university preparation for students graduating from relevant educational and educational programs, and providing the necessary support for registration in universities.