Al Tarbiyah Al Namouthajiyah Schools have worked to develop educational complexes and establish many branches for them in various regions of the Kingdom. These campuses are distinguished by modern international standards that take into account their design the most accurate architectural details that contribute to the success of educational and educational aspects to serve the foundations and values that underlie the educational methodology For schools.

  1. TNS (Al-Rayyan District – Riyadh City)
  2. TNS (Al-Rawabi District – Riyadh city)
  3. TNS (Al-Nozha District – Riyadh City)
  4. TNS (Qurtoba District – Riyadh City)
  5. TNS (Buraydah City, Al-Qassim Region)
  6. TNS(Qairwan District – Riyadh City)
  7. TNS (AlArid District- Riyadh City)
  8. TNS (Alnarjis District- Riyadh City)
  9. TNIS ( Dhahran City, Eastern Region)
  10. TNIS (AlArid District, Eastern Region)
  11. TNIS ( Qurtoba District, Eastern Region)