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Al-Tarbiyah Al-Namouthajiyah International Schools


About Us

As our name indicates, which literally means International Model Education Schools, we are an educational institution that focuses on “education” within a model framework that meets the highest “international” standards. Together, these points give us excellence in our field and inspire us to achieve the best for our students with all their respective educational needs. We also accord great attention to extracurricular activities because we believe that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body and that acquiring various skills contributes significantly to improving academic achievement for all. In short, we are an integrated school that provides education, sports, classroom, and life skills to young generations, who will be tomorrow’s physicians, engineers, politicians, officers, and so on, and will shape the bright future of our country.



To be a world-class school that constantly strives for improvement and engages our entire community in embracing the concepts of “learning for learning,” “learning for life,” and “learning for leadership.”



To provide top-notch education with an international perspective in an environment where everyone feels safe, respected, valued, happy, and successful.


Pillars of achieving our mission

Our community of learners works together in harmony. In the spirit of an international mindset, we develop aspects of understanding our own cultures and the culture of others.


Our teachers inspire our students with a love of learning and motivate them to be their best by working closely with parents as partners.


We foster in our students’ knowledge, skills, life, and personal skills and values ​​as these traits develop in an innovative environment so that our students thrive and become balanced individuals with the potential to make a difference as future builders.


An international school with a local identity

We embody being a global school in several ways:

  • We teach students what it means to be open-minded and inspire them to embrace values ​​and principles.
  • We provide opportunities for students to understand and develop their sense of local identity and cultural awareness.
  • We actively provide opportunities for students to gain the skills and confidence to see the world through the eyes and cultural lens of others, thereby recognizing and sensing cultural differences.
  • We teach students the principles of tolerance, acceptance, and respect in an approach that promotes recognition and understanding of global differences.
  • We reinforce our students’ knowledge that we are more alike than different and that we share a respect for humanity in all its forms.


Our Pillars

Excellence: in all that we offer our learners in academic achievement, character building, and skills for the new millennium.

Balance: We give our learners enough time to balance educational achievement, extracurricular activity, and skill development.

Care: As the school is the second home for our learners, we give them physical protection, psychological care, and a happy environment.


Our Advantages

  • An education system that meets the needs of working families and aims to provide an educational option that suits the modern lifestyle.
  • Students spend an enjoyable and valuable time in addition to enriching their knowledge and developing their various skills through an integrated global curriculum supported by local identity and a balance in the Arabic language.
  • Care to refine the social aspects of students through building friendships, mastering the foundations of communication, and stimulating their love of participation.
  • Focusing on the child’s personality and providing them with all the skills and tools to enhance their self-confidence to be more daring and determined while going through various life experiences.
  • An educational system with international standards that aims to build a solid foundation, considering the participation of parents in the educational process.
  • Develop various aspects of life, such as creative, critical, analytical, and other acquired skills.


Our Culture

Education: We provide care and upbringing and increase knowledge.

Motivation: We are constantly working to support the changes in society by providing educational solutions that keep pace with the modern lifestyle.

Collaboration: We partner with the home in providing an outstanding learning experience for our learners.

Global: We build our children’s thinking on a global level that respects differences and adopts ethics that advance them towards a sustainable future.



Led by a group of teachers aspiring to provide high-level education in Saudi Arabia, in modern educational facilities of international standards, with the help of global and local educational capabilities, the school seeks to be at the forefront of educational institutions in the Kingdom and the region.





Extra-curricular activities

We are keen to nurture and refine the talents of our learners through many activities that are an integral part of the educational and recreational process. We have dedicated talent nurturing classes where students can choose their favorite different skills and sports activities.


International Program

Al-Tarbiyah Al-Namouthajiyah International Schools offer an international program, an educational system based on English as a medium of instruction for all subjects except Arabic and Islamic education. The schools also adopt the Adult High School Diploma (AHSD) program to provide the best educational opportunities that enhance students’ thinking and abilities, based on the most robust curriculum based on the best practices of Saudi, American, and British educational practices through the use of the Learning by Application Program and the Technology Integration Program in Education.


The program’s main objective is to prepare students to pass admission tests at the best American, Canadian, and other international universities and colleges, especially the SAT1&SAT2, GAT, MAP Tests, SAAT, and the GAT tests. The student, after passing the 12th grade, receives the American Diploma Certificate, which qualifies its holder to attend all international universities outside the Kingdom, and provides an opportunity to obtain the equivalent of the American Diploma in the secondary certificate issued by the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia and thus to attend the prestigious Saudi universities as well.


We have the expertise of teachers specialized in teaching the American Diploma Program and are qualified according to the standards adopted in the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, South Africa, and others. Al-Tarbiyah Al-Namouthajiyah International Schools have also received academic accreditation from the major international accreditation organizations: Cognia (Advanced), American International Accreditation Association of Schools (AIAA) as international accreditation organizations to monitor the quality of education by directly supervising curricula and promoting the quality of teachers’ performance, where schools are keen to conduct ongoing assessments under the support and supervision of these prestigious organizations.


Allocation of classes in the International Education:

First: Kindergarten, primary and middle stages (kg-grade 8):

The student studies 7-9 daily periods, including all basic subjects such as mathematics, science, social studies, computer, English Literature, English Language, French, art, and PE, each of which is taught in English, in addition to the scheduled subjects from the Ministry of Education which are Arabic, Islamic education and National social studies.


Second: The American High School Diploma (Grade 9-12)

Seven lessons per day are offered on the school day, covering all specialized subjects such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer, World History, English Literature, English Language, Public Health, French Language, Environmental Sciences, and optional subjects such as Business Administration, Psychology, and others in addition to the compulsory subjects from the ministry of Education such as Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Social Studies. At the end of the third year of secondary school, the student obtains an American diploma certificate accredited by Cognia (AdvancED).

Kindergarten Primary
24,000 25,500

خصم ٢٠٠٠ ريال للجيل المؤسس المسجلين للعام الدراسي ٢٠٢٣/٢٠٢٢ م مع استمرار الخصم حصرًا للمستفيدين خلال سنة الافتتاح طيلة فترة وجودهم للأعوام القادمة

مع مراعاة الشروط و الأحكام

The above tuition fees include the ongoing summer lessons program intended to compensate for educational losses in all subjects for all grades. Tuition fees also include services related to university preparation for students graduating from relevant educational and educational programs, and providing the necessary support for registration in universities.