Al Tarbiyah Al Namouthajiyah Schools are keen in providing all its branches in keeping with qualitative educational that copes with educational developments, and providing creative educational curricula with modern scientific standards to build an ambitious leadership generation, and use the latest education methods to empower tomorrow’s leaders, and include many educational tracks:

  • National Program
  • International Program

National Program

In this program, the company adopts the curricula determined by the Ministry of Education developed in the light of the best standards adopted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to the educational plans specified for each level (grade) in all subjects. Although all national schools study the prescribed curricula, the most important thing that distinguishes our schools is an innovative set of supporting programs that are the result of global experiences and expertise that develop the teaching staff and enhance students’ learning, through complementary and enriching curricula in the English language through intensive classes in addition to Teaching the French language, computer skills, and teaching mathematics and science in the English language Math-Sciences applied in some of our educational complexes, and teaching by applying the STEM methodology.

The kindergarten stage in model education schools was prepared with international standards similar to the home environment, which gives our children an enjoyable scientific experience in which directed education is provided (reading, mathematics, English language, computer) by our national competencies and global competencies of specialists in the field of early childhood and kindergarten, and it provides activities, programs and staff to meet children’s needs in all areas of development in a model learning environment.

Some of our educational complexes in kindergarten include the path of creative education – bilingual which is an advanced educational program in Arabic and English that focuses on inclusiveness and complementary in the experiences presented to children. The Creative Thinking Education program aims to give children opportunities to develop their capabilities to the fullest extent possible to discover the value of things and shoulder their responsibilities.

International Program

Al Tarbiayh Al Namouthajiah School provides the international education in its educational complexes for boys and girls and it is an educational system based on English as medium of instruction for all subjects except Arabic and Islamic education. The schools also adopt the AHSD program to provide the best educational opportunities that enhance students’ thinking and abilities, based on the most robust curriculum based on the best practices of Saudi, American and British education, especially the common Core State Standards.
The main objective of the program is to prepare students to pass admission tests at the best American, Canadian, and other international universities and colleges, especially the SAT1&SAT2, GAT, MAP Tests, SAAT and the GAT tests. The student, after passing the 12th grade, receives the American Diploma Certificate, which qualifies its holder to attend all international universities outside the Kingdom, and provides an opportunity to obtain the equivalent of the American Diploma in the secondary certificate issued by the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia and thus to attend the prestigious Saudi universities as well.

The company has attracted a number of expertise from teachers who are specialized in teaching the American Diploma Program and qualified according to the standards adopted in the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, South Africa and others, and Al Tarbiayh Al Namouthajiah schools have also received academic accreditation from the major international accreditation organizations: Cognia (Advanced), AIAA as international accreditation organizations to monitor the quality of education by directly supervising curricula and promoting the quality of teachers’ performance, where schools are keen to conduct ongoing assessments under the support and supervision of these prestigious organizations.

Allocation of classes in the International Education:

First: Kindergarten, primary and middle stages (kg-grade 8):
The student studies 7-9 daily periods including all basic subjects such as mathematics, science, social studies, computer, English Literature, English Language, French, art, and PE, each of which is taught in English, in addition to the scheduled subjects from the Ministry of Education which are Arabic, Islamic education and National social studies.

Second: The American High School Diploma (Grade 9-12)

7 lessons per day are offered on the school day, covering all specialized subjects such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer, World History, English Literature, English Language, Public Health, French Language, Environmental Sciences, and optional subjects such as Business Administration, Psychology, and others in addition to the obligatory subjects from the ministry of Education such as Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Social Studies. At the end of the third year of secondary school, the student obtains an American diploma certificate accredited by Cognia (AdvancED).