Our Outstanding Graduates

Dr. Ibrahim Bin Saad Al-Majil

Holds a PhD in Engineering and Management Science
He is now the CEO of the Saudi Industrial Development Fund

Rania Bint Mahmoud Al-Nashar 

She holds an accredited specialty certificate in Anti- money laundering
from the United States. She is the first Saudi woman to obtain this certificate
and now holds the executive management of a Saudi bank as the first Saudi woman as well.

Dr. Yasser Al-Khulaifi

حاصل على الزمالة الكندية في جراحة عظام الأطفال

Holds a Canadian Fellowship in Pediatric Orthopedics
Now he is the senior orthopedic consultant and a member of the Siamese twin separation team in the Kingdom

Dr. Latifa Bint Mohammed Al-Abdulkarim

Holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence Systems in Law
A graduate of Al Tarbiyah Al Namouthajiyah School in the first place for high school students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Mamdouh Bin Thanian Al Saud

Holds a PhD in electrical engineering
He is currently the President of the Islamic University in Madinah

Dr. Lina Bint Mohamed Al-Taimi

Holds a PhD in Computer Science
She is now the Deputy Minister for Scholarship affairs ” designated “.

Trad Bin Saba Bahbari

A graduate of Al Tarbiyah Al Namouthajiyah School
He now serves as the Premier’s Head of Special Affairs for the Crown Prince

Taghreed Al-Moutouzi

A Director of the Trainees Services Department at the General Organization
for Technical and Vocational Training.

Dr. Talal Bin Abdul Rahman Al-Tuwaijri

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Health for the ” designated ” shift

Al Tarbiyah Al Namouthajiyah School graduates contribute now to build our precious country in their various fields.